Air Cleaners for Phoenix, AZ Homes

Dust, dander, chemicals, and toxins can all make their way into your home. With today’s new homes these irritants then get trapped inside your home. Having these irritants inside your home can be very problematic and trying to eradicate them just by opening the windows may help a little but it won’t eliminate every toxin from your home.

Air cleaners, or air purifiers, are a great way to keep the air in your home clean, eliminating those things that can cause health issues for those living in your home. If you would like to learn more about cleaning the air in your home contact the team at Shamrock Heating and Cooling or call us today at 480-755-7959.

How Air Purifiers Can Help Your Home

When irritants and toxins make their way into your home it can be hard to eliminate these things. Toxins and allergens cause several problems with those living in your home; these health issues may include:

  • Increased Allergies
  • Increased Asthmatic Episodes
  • Trouble Breathing
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Increased Upper Respiratory Infections
  • Long Term Health Effects

Air Cleaners will cycle the air in your home through the air cleaning system. This will then pump the filtered and cleaned air back into your home. By having an air cleaner installed in your home, you can greatly reduce the allergens and toxins in your home, helping everyone to breathe easier.

If you are having trouble with any of the above symptoms you may want to consider installing a whole house air cleaner in your home. Contact the team at Shamrock Heating and Cooling today!

How Air Cleaners Work

Air cleaners or air purifiers sit in your homes’ vents. The air is pulled through the air cleaner and filtered using HEPA filters, ultraviolet radiation or ionizers. Once the air is filtered and cleaned it is then pumped back into your home. The air cleaners work constantly to keep the air in your home clean.

The team at Shamrock Heating and Cooling would be happy to explain in more detail how our whole home air cleaners work to get the air in your home clean.

I called Shamrock in a panic because our unit started blowing hot air! They sent Sean out within 45 min and he got the unit working again in no time…

Installing an Air Cleaner

If you would like to know more about installing an air cleaner or you are ready for clean air in your home contact us today. The team at Shamrock has been helping home owners in the Phoenix area since 1996. We offer a full range of home comfort and indoor air quality services so that you can enjoy the time you spend in your home.

Call us at 480-755-7959 to start enjoying clean, fresh, air, in your home!