How Humidifiers Help Asthma in Arizona

Asthma can be aggravated by dry air, which irritates the lungs and can cause inflammation that makes it more difficult to breathe. Both furnaces and air conditioners can draw moisture from the air, and when combined with the already arid climate of Arizona, this can create a real problem for asthma sufferers. Adding a whole-home humidifier can reduce asthma symptoms by adding moisture to the air in your home and maintaining healthy humidity levels.

What Is the Best Humidity Level for Your Home?

Ideally, a home’s humidity level should be between 30 and 50 percent for the best indoor air quality and comfort. Lower humidity levels can make it feel colder in the winter, while promoting the spread of viruses like the flu, aggravating asthma symptoms, and irritating the skin. Higher humidity levels can make it feel hotter in the summer, while encouraging infestations of pests like dust mites and promoting the growth of mold and mildew. In areas like Phoenix and Tempe, the humidity is often below 20 percent, and furnaces or air conditioners can reduce it even more.

The Benefits of a Whole-Home Humidifier

To add moisture to your indoor air, you can install a whole-home system to keep your entire house at a healthy humidity level. Compared to portable models, whole-home humidifiers have many benefits, including:
  • Greater capacity, allowing one machine to serve your entire home
  • More precise control over humidity levels for better health and comfort
  • Less maintenance
  • Permanent installation, eliminating the need to monitor water levels
Portable humidifiers tend to require constant monitoring of water levels, frequent cleaning, and periodic disinfection to prevent problems and the spread of disease, and they usually serve only one room at a time. Whole-home systems are installed and maintained by a professional, reducing the burden on the homeowner, while making the entire home more comfortable, especially for those who suffer from asthma, allergies, or other breathing conditions.

Whole-Home Humidifier Installation in Tempe and Phoenix, Arizona

At Shamrock Heating & Cooling, we can help you make your home more comfortable and reduce asthma symptoms with whole-home humidifiers from the top manufacturers in the industry. We offer humidifier installation, repair, and maintenance services, and our team can help you choose the best model for your needs and your budget. Since 1996, we have been providing air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality services to homeowners throughout Tempe, Phoenix, and the surrounding areas, and we feature friendly, knowledgeable technicians with the latest industry training and certifications. Contact Shamrock Heating & Cooling today at 480-755-7959 to learn about our available whole-home humidifiers or to request an installation quote!

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